Weefairytales: Fantasy Sculpture by Shirley Ann MacKillop

About Shirley Ann MacKillop

Shirley Ann MacKillop

Growing up in the Scottish Highlands, I always had the desire to create using some sort of arts and crafts form. Drawing, painting, knitting, sewing—the list is endless. I was only ever happy when using my creative side. I became involved in fantasy art in 2002 when I sculpted my first fairy. Although it wasn’t very good, I loved the fact that I had created this little sculpted fairy from my own imagination. I continued to sculpt more fairies, learning something new with each one. I feel now I have grown as an artist, but continue to grow and learn more with each sculpture that I make. Each one of my creations that appears from the clay, whether it be fairy, mermaid, troll, or pixie makes me so happy knowing that I created it from within! My own wee OOAK creations.

The Professional Doll Makers’ Art Guild

Shirley Ann MacKillop has been a member of the Professional Doll Makers’ Art Guild since 2004.